Valohai API

This API exposes most of the functionality of the Valohai platform.

Valohai exposes its API in a Core API compatible format so you can use your favorite Core API client to interact with the it. Please don't hesitate to contact Valohai support if you have any questions!

Note: Using Valohai API is an advanced topic. If you are just getting started or wish to simply create singular executions from the command line, use Valohai command line client instead. Valohai API is meant for pipeline automation and custom integrations.

Further information:

# Install the command line client
$ pip install coreapi-cli
<!-- Load the JavaScript client library -->
<script src="/static/rest_framework/js/coreapi-"></script>
<script src="/api/docs/schema.js"></script>
# Install the Python client library
$ pip install coreapi